How to Choose Promotional Products For Company

People who own brands and companies come to a stage where they want to give away gifts to people. The reason behind the giveaways may be related to business promotion or something else like a gesture of goodwill. Gifts strengthen the bond between people. Companies use gifts to promote their brand and good relations with the employees, co-workers, and customers. Companies also need customized promotional gifts for important events in the company. They also need customized gifts for their VIP persons: retirement gifts, new employee gifts, and many more. Gifts are a great way to show your respect and care for someone that values you.

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At JiangxiGift, basically focus on two big things:

  • Make sure that the products are one hundred percent custom-designed, from material selection to the finishing texture. Our professionals perform everything under controlled and optimized environments.
  • If you are interested in our already manufactured products, you can gift them to anyone easily by imprinting your logo on our products. We provide all the possible scenarios. You can either ask us to build a custom gift for you from scratch or ask us to convert any of our already available products into a customized gift for anyone you want.

If your company may also want to give away gifts to people. Your reasons may be the ones mentioned above or different from them. The main concern is about getting the gifts. There are a lot of problems that you may have to face before actually coming to your finalized gifts.

These problems/difficulties are:

  • Selection of the gift is probably the biggest hurdle. You will have to do a lot of research. This research includes the likings of the people that you’re giving the gifts to. This also includes finding the products in different online stores and comparing their specifications and prices. We have already manufactured products as well. You can select products to gift among them or ask us to manufacture a custom product for you.
  • You will definitely want to provide your customers and employees with customized gifts that clearly display your brand’s logo. You cannot send them a random gift from an online store. That doesn’t give a prestigious feeling to the people who receive the gifts. So, you run a brand, and you have a lot of errands to run. You don’t know anything about custom gifts. All you know is the product that you want.
  • All you have to do is tell us the product you have in your mind. The material selection, the cost management, the customization, and the manufacturing processes are all our responsibility.
  • To achieve such a task, you need much more than ideas. You need a proper team. A well-managed schedule and all the necessities that are required to complete a project in time. A busy brand owner cannot achieve all this on his own. This is where you need a specialized company like the Gift Supplier to carry your load and help you achieve perfection.
  • Material selection is a process where you have to keep multiple things under consideration. The cost, if it falls in our budget or not, the material properties, and the audience who will receive the gifts. All of this depends upon our conditions because Gift Supplier can arrange any material depending on your conditions and satisfaction.

So, in light of all the factors mentioned above, it is clear that JiangxiGift is the best partner to complete a project of giving customized gifts for brand promotion.

Selection of Material

The most crucial aspect in manufacturing a custom product is material selection. As discussed above, more than one factor has to be considered before finalizing a material. We will analyze your budget and your quality requirement. Sometimes, you need gifts that cannot compromise on quality, so you have to ignore the budget and go all in. You may have to look at the price in other scenarios if you don’t want a highly prestigious gift. You can adjust for relatively less good material and get it at a lower cost. But this selection depends on the audience. You cannot compromise on material if you need the gifts for the VIPs. However, you can afford to compromise a bit if the gifts are for small employees. These things depend on your requirements. Our already manufactured products are also of elite quality, having no compromise in quality. Every material has some advantages and disadvantages. We will explain both of these for all the most commonly used materials. After reading the advantages and disadvantages of the most common materials, you can figure out which material is best suited for the manufacturing of your desired product.

Let us take a look at the best suitable materials for this purpose:

Soft PVC Material

Soft PVC material has become a common practice all over the world. It is widely used in manufacturing different types of products worldwide. The selection of material depends on the properties and the desired item that you want to design. We will take a look at the properties of PVC. PVC is mostly used as a casing in different gadgets like USB drives, mobile casings, and decoration pieces, etc

Advantages Disadvantages
It can be used across a large number of products. The properties of PVC make it useful in different applications ranging from the usage of a simple USB drive to a giant decoration piece. PVC cannot be used for large objects that involve sharp cuts. It weighs too much to be used in larger objects.
PVC has excellent corrosion resistance. The gadgets and casings etc., made out of PVC, are hard to rust. PVC is expensive as compared to other usable materials.
PVC is one of the perfect insulations in the market. PVC is very stable and insulates better than metals. This is a very useful property of PVC. Outside materials need to be mixed with PVC to improve their stability against heat. It is not as strong as other comparable when it comes to heat stability.
ABS Material

Once again, we have to determine if we need to use ABS material or not in our desired product. It is a type of thermoplastic used mostly in the parts of vehicles and electronic types of equipment, including toys.

Advantages Disadvantages
ABS is usually very hard and stable. The ABS material has oil as one of its basic elements; therefore, it is not friendly to the environment.
Good for huge parts such as an automobile part. Many obstacles in printing.
ABS has a higher melting point. Requires a heated surface to be printed properly.
ABS has a better lifespan than its competitors. It is harmful to use in products that involve food.

This table gives us a lot of information about this particular material. ABS can be used in designing customized products such as automobile accessories, products that involve high temperatures, and products that require a large lifespan.


Metal is one of the most common materials used in the industry to manufacture products. Metal has a wide range of applications ranging from small items such as tools to huge items such as heavy-duty vehicles. We will take a look at the advantages and disadvantages of using metals as a manufacturing material.

Advantages Disadvantages
Metals are common and easy to obtain. Expensive than other materials
Metals have a wide range of selections. We can select any metal depending on the type of our desired item and its properties. Can cause toxicity if exposed to the inside of the earth.
Metals are stronger in physical properties than plastics. Some metals, such as iron, can rust easily.
Metals are easy to treat (Forge, Bend, Cut, etc.) Last-minute changes are very hard to achieve during the treatment of metals
Metals are one of the most cost-efficient materials if used for the right product Some metals such as bronze are physically weak and expensive than competitive materials such as steel

Seeing the table tells us that metals are not useful for applications in which products are exposed to the environment, or there is a chance of rust. However, we can decide on using metals or not after determining the properties that we desire.


Wood is the go-to material if you want to manufacture custom products related to furniture. But, there are still certain advantages and disadvantages associated with wood. Let us take a look at these advantages and disadvantages:

Advantages Disadvantages
Wood has great strength and is highly durable Wood is destroyed by wood pests. They can significantly reduce the life of items.
Wood gives the perfect looks for the products designed to stay indoors Moisture is also a key element that degrades wood. Moisture can reduce the durability of wood.
Wood has a great feel. It can be converted to any desired color by painting without affecting its strength. Warping is a phenomenon related to wood. It involves wood losing its shape and properties due to different problems such as twisting etc.
Wood has a lot of versatility. It can be used in floors, bathtubs, and beds, etc. Wood is flammable, so it is not suitable to use it in applications where the risks of fire are high.

Leather is a common material worldwide for accessories like wallets, credit card holders, clothing articles, and mobile covers. Let us look at the advantages and disadvantages of leather:

Advantages Disadvantages
Leather is a natural product. It is pure and doesn’t involve any synthetic material. Price is high if the quality of the leather is better.
Leather is an ideal material to use in wallets and mobile covers as it is totally waterproof and a little bit fireproof. Moisture can affect leather, and fungus may attach to it.
Leather is a long-lasting product. It is one of the materials that get better with time. If leather products are damaged, it is very likely impossible to repair them.

Paper has also made its way as a common material. Paper is a good option to manufacture shopping bags. Paper is also a major material in stationery items. Let us take a look at the advantages and disadvantages of using paper as a material

Advantages Disadvantages
The items manufactured by using paper, such as shopping bags, are bio-degradable and recyclable Expensive than plastic.
It can be a better option than plastic in some items, including shopping bags. Paper items are not waterproof.
Less harmful than plastic. Paper items can be deformed easily with little pressure and force.
Plush Material

Plush material is commonly used in toys and clothing items. It is soft and fluffy. We will take a look at the advantages and disadvantages of using plush material for manufacturing different items.

Advantages Disdvantages
Plush material is a low-cost material Plush material is a bad absorber of moisture
It is quite durable Plush material is not environment friendly
It is an elastic material It is hard to remove surface stains from plush material
It is comfy to play with Some agents of plush material may cause skin allergies


How are Products Made Custom?

1. The Customer has no idea

In most cases, the customers have no idea about what product they should go for or which material is suitable for their product. They have no idea about how the product should be designed, manufactured, printed, and distributed. The customers are a clean slate often. We make sure to let the customers discover their idea and then follow all the processes efficiently. At Gift Supplier, we make sure that:

  • Our clients get the whole idea about their products from idea to production and delivery.
  • Our clients know which material is the best for them.
  • Our clients know all the techniques that are involved in the production, design, and discovery of the idea and product.
  • Our clients get to know all the possible options and why we resort to a particular option.
  • On what occasions can the customers use the products that they want us to manufacture. All the information is provided by our team. If you already know the occasion, it can help us create the ideal product for you.

In light of all the facts mentioned above, we manufacture your products and make them custom by applying your company’s logo on the products.

2. The Customer Likes One of Our Already Manufactured Products

However, it is entirely possible that you are interested in one of our already manufactured products and you think that it is the best product for you to use as a custom product. In this case, you can resort to one of our products, and we can make that product custom for you by making your company’s logo on our product. This way, you will be able to convert one of our already manufactured products into a custom product of your brand.


1. Can we add our desired font to the logo on the product?
Yes, you just need to inform us about the font that you want us to use.
2. Who will answer my queries?
Your queries will be answered by our 24/7 support system. All you need to do is drop your query by contacting us.
3. Do you provide custom packaging?
Yes, we provide custom packaging according to your instructions. We can modify the packaging according to your desire.
4. Can I have a live sample of my finished product?
Yes. Ask your assigned project manager for a sample.
5. How fast can you deliver my product?
We can deliver the products in one day minimum, but that depends on the nature of the product. We keep all the aspects of production in mind to optimize the delivery time.
6. Can I have a sample of my finished product?
Of course, just send us your brand’s logo, and we will provide you with a preview of how your custom product would look like.
7. Can we alter the design to make it custom?
Yes, you can alter the design of a sample to match your desire.
8. Do you provide shipping?
Yes, we provide shipping with additional charges depending on your area.
9. What if I don’t have a design?
No worries, our team will make a design according to your desire.
10. Do you accept custom designs?
Yes, we accept custom designs from you.
11. What are the decorations for branding my logo?
We provide screen printing, laser engraving, debossing, and digital imprinting, etc.

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