How to Use Customized Display Stands for Advertising

Display racks are a common display prop in stores. Display designers must use various display racks to create different store styles. However, in addition to using display racks to create personalized displays, advertising for brands is actually a basic function of display racks. However, many businesses do not know how to use them. We have accumulated many years of experience in using display racks for advertising.

1. Highlight the brand for advertising.

The most important thing about a display stand is to reflect the brand in the display. If you design a display stand but do not clearly highlight your brand, wouldn’t it be a wasted effort. For the brands of small and medium-sized enterprises, being low-key is not appropriate. Extensive exposure can quickly increase brand awareness, bring about conversions, and improve performance.

2. Use posters to attract consumers for advertising.

The actual function of the display rack is to display products. Each product has its own characteristics. For merchants, the functions and characteristics of the products are already familiar to customers, and customers can recite them by heart when asked. But for consumers, they don’t know much about this product. They will only ask the waiter for relevant information when they are interested in the product. Therefore, it is very important to use posters to attract consumers and arouse their curiosity.

3. Comprehensive use of sound and light functions for advertising.

Display is the comprehensive use of lights, colors, angles, etc. to create visual effects. The exhibition stand is a reduced version of the store. Lighting can also be used to assist in advertising. Different colors of lights render different atmospheres to attract consumers’ attention. Video displays are an upgraded version of posters, and video playback is a more powerful advertising method to attract consumers than posters.

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